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Our Prevention Stories

Read on for the most complete information about a cocktail of vitamins that has been working well for us

How to prevent Type 1 Diabetes

If you are just landing on the site, start with this post as it has the most complete and up to date information regarding research and vitamins that we take to help prevent onset of Type One Diabetes.
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Ben’s story about trying to prevent diabetes

Some of you know that my eldest son, Ben, had been positive for two islet cell antibodies and that we treated him with “Ben’s cocktail,” consisting of omega-3 fatty acids (DHA), vitamin D, a vitamin tablet with zinc, green tea and nicotinamide. His antibodies disappeared.
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Sarah’s research into environmental factors for Type 1 Diabetes

There are a lot of studies on type 1 diabetes and its potential causes, and while there are no “proven” methods of preventing it, I think the studies point to some potentially safe ways of intervening that would be worth a try.
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